Jericho Commission
Christ based re-entry

Recovery Outreach - We are here to help people realize their potential as they overcome adversity and the consequences of poor past choices through encouragement, structure, and community support.

Seek and Save the Lost - Our mission is to share the good news of Jesus Christ, which is the power of God for the salvation from the penalty of sin and death (Romans 1:16).

You Are The Gospel, Serving in England 

Tom Blubaugh - Christian Author - This web site will take you on a journey into my mind--the writer part of me--as a childhood fantasy evolves into a full blown reality. It will also allow you see through my photographic eye.

Fishers of Men - The Lord has assembled a very unique cast of players in the Fishers of Men Prison Ministry.  We have a diverse group of men and women who have a God given desire to minister to the men and women in the Missouri Department of Correction.

Hearts Desire Life Coaching - Nurture the desires God has placed in your heart. Where is God wanting to take you? Is it time to get moving? What is it worth to you to live your life more abundantly?

Christian Meditation - Nourishing mind, body, and spirit in God's healing showers.

Genesis Project