Jericho Commission
Christ based re-entry

Q - How can I become a mentor?

A - If you’re interested in becoming a mentor with Jericho Commission:

Download these two items from the applications section:

1. Mentor/Volunteer Application - complete and mail to Jericho Commission, PO Box 3067, Springfield, MO 65808 or fax to 417-877-7930.

2. Pastoral Referral have your pastor complete and mail or fax to Jericho Commission.

Upon receipt of your Mentor/Volunteer Application we will:

1. Do a background check

2. Present you to our Screening and Assessment team for review.

If accepted, you will:

1. Go through a mentor training, which involves approximately 4 hours of instruction, role playing, and interactive dialogue. At completion you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your completion of training.*

2. You will then be placed on Jericho’s in-house care team, unless you’re coming from a church that has a Church Care Team, where you’ll meet monthly for fellowship with other mentors, be exposed to successes and problems presented by those who are in the mentoring process, and continue training while you wait for your mentee.

When you’re selected as the best match for a participant (based on his/her needs and your background), you will be introduced to your participant by one of Jericho’s Screening and Assessment team members. At that point you are a Jericho mentor.

*We do allow participation in the training program without an application. The certificate you receive is valid for 6 months. If you do not submit an application within the 6 months, the training will be required again if you later decide to mentor.


Q - Are there any charges to become a participant?

A - No


Q - Are there any charges for mentor training?

A - No. The original training is free of charge.  There are ongoing training sessions that are optional. There is normally a $10 registration fee for these meetings.