Jericho Commission
Christ based re-entry

Our commission is a deep profound call to minister to those in need as if we are ministering to Jesus Christ Himself (Matthew 25:34-40).  Our intent is twofold; provide compassionate care and service to ex-offenders. We assist them in their successful transition to our community. We also provide similar service to those judicially at risk.

Every year 650,000 offenders are released into society. 58 % will be rearrested within 2 years and 39% of those will be convicted and sent back to prison*.

Our undertaking is fivefold:  

1.     Locate those, in prison, who are practicing Christians, and establish a relationship, through a chaplain, minister, or prison authority up to 18 months before release.

2.      Work through our local Drug Courts to mentor those judicially at risk.

3.     Locate Christian volunteers willing to mentor participants by helping them get involved in a local church; assist them in making choices that will prevent their return to prison; and support them in their effort to make a successful re-entry into the community.

4.     Equip mentors with training so they can assist participants in transitioning into the community.

5.     Work with trained mentors to establish Church Care Teams—groups within the church who will accept and assist those being mentored to find their place in the community of Jesus Christ.

*National Institute of Corrections 2002 Cohort