Jericho Commission
Christ based re-entry

At the present time Jericho Commission is developing in southwest Missouri. We are using the biblical principle of Jerusalem, Judia, Samaria, and uttermost parts of the world--Springfield, Greene county, southwest Missouri, and beyond.

If you wish to be a mentor, you can apply directly to Jericho Commission.  We have in-house church care teams that will train you for mentoring, help you develop your ministry, and become a leader, if this is your desire. 

To become a church care team leader you first must become a mentor, go through mentor training, mentor a participant successfully for at least six months, and recruit 2 other mentors from your church. Once a church has three trained mentors who have had experience mentoring a participant for three to six months (leader six months minimum)  then they will be eligible to form their own church care team.