Jericho Commission
Christ based re-entry

Jericho Commission has an in-house care team.  This allows us to recruit mentors who belong to churches where there isn't a Church Care Team established yet.

If a person wants to be a mentor, they complete a Mentor/Application application and submit it with a Pastoral Referral form either by mail to Jericho Commission, Inc., PO Box 3067, Springfield, MO 65808 or fax it to 417-877-7930.  (Call this number before faxing between 8am and 5pm so we won't answer the phone.  This line does have an answering machine--after the answering message, the machine will accept the fax.)

After we run a background check, the application is submitted to the Screening and Assessment team.  If the applicant is accepted they are trained and placed on the in-house care team.  The in-house care team has a monthly meeting for all mentors once a month on the third Tuesday from 6 -7pm.  These meetings involve fellowship, brain storming, testimonies, problem solving, and ongoing training. 

If a mentor decides he wants to be a leader and establish a Church Care Team in his church, he can do so after he has six months of sucessful mentoring.  He then, with the approval of his pastor or church leadership, will need to recruit two mentors in his church.  After these two mentors have had at least three months of successful mentoring--the three of them are qualified to be a Church Care Team. They can still be part of the in-house care team or they can establish their own ongoing meetings in their church or both.